Harbour Village mid-September Landscape Update

Harbour Village Hole 9 Before and After


As of 8/17/15 McMaster Lawn and Pest Services has taken over the entire lawn maintenance and landscaping contract at Harbour Village. In order to correct a number of landscaping issues we have implemented several intense programs to restore the landscape as fast as possible.  

Current Events

  • Landscaping of the hole between #7 green and #8 tee
  • Various other small landscape projects
  • Sod is being installed on the west side in various areas
  • Turf treatment of the entire property September 21st and 22nd
  • Some flowers are being replaced this month

Golf Course Status

Area to Resod on Hole 6

As stated in the last report the golf course is currently at its worst appearance but is improving quickly. The large brown areas throughout the course are left behind when the grassy weed known as Tropical Signalgrass is removed. As the weeds die out, Common Bermudagrass has been filling in right behind very quickly. This grass has a very similar appearance to Paspalum and has more options for herbicides allowing us to manage the weed populations even better in the future.

Verticutting Fairway

We have been seeding the weakest areas and by early October plan to sod the remaining damage caused from the herbicide applications.  I have requested that the course be closed from September 28th to October 2nd.  We are also fertilizing the course weekly to grow as much grass as possible before the growing season ends.  Vertical mowing was done in August to create lateral growth.  

Verticutting in August

In August we performed a verticutting service to improve turf health and appearance. Verticutting is a mechanical process that breaks up the thatch layer, decreases the likelihood of disease, and stimulates lateral turf growth.


Common Grounds Mowing Schedule

Links Mowed


The common area turf is currently being mowed at a height of 4” on a weekly basis. The grass is growing very fast currently!  The Links are mowed on Thursday and the west side is mowed on Friday each week. 



Front entrance during cleanup and verticutting

Harbour Village Zoysia Verticutting

We have begun mowing the Zoysia at the Links entrance at the same time and mowing height as the golf course roughs. The Zoysiagrass prefers a lower mowing height which will create a denser, more attractive turf that is less prone to disease.  There will be a transition period of scalped brown areas, but in time these will recover. These areas were also verticut to help remove thatch.

Front entrance after cleanupHarbour Village Entrance










Hand mowing at Marina Club

We have also started hand mowing many areas around the property.  The use of weed eaters in the past has reduced turf quality in many of these areas.Push mowing turf island


Hand pulling and Treating weeds in beds

We have been hand pulling many cubic yards of weeds out of the mulched areas.  After the weeds are pulled our crews are treating the mulch and bed spaces.  This treatment will kill any remaining weeds and the use of pre-emergent herbicides will reduce future weed populations in these areas.  Hand pulling weedsSpraying weeds









Harbour Village Tree & Shrub Care

Shrubs Trimmed

Shrubs are also currently being trimmed.  Many plants need heavy pruning but this will not take place until spring.  The image to the right shows the freshly trimmed shrubs over by the 400 building. In addition to the pruning and trimming we will be re-shaping plant beds around the community. Many beds are very out of shape from little to no soft edging in the past.  These areas will also be repaired this winter season.  

Many beds need to be reshaped

Bed to be reshaped