Lawn Care in Port Orange

Chances are you would rather spend time relaxing at the beach than laboring over your yard. At McMaster, we are passionate about helping fulfill your dreams of having a beautiful, lush yard without the hours of weeding and fertilizing. Our Port Orange lawn care technicians are highly educated and skilled at tackling the challenges of your local climate, so you can get back to doing the things you love. 

Experts in the Industry and Region

Our family has been residing in Florida for years, and we know the Port Orange area. We have a long history of agricultural experience and possess extensive knowledge on various trees, plants, and pests common in this region. We know that certain species of plants require specific amounts of nutrients in order to stay healthy, and others don’t. With our customizable lawn care in Port Orange, you can choose which aspects of your lawn you want treated, and we can deliver the appropriate application of nutrients and fertilizer for each one. A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn!

A Healthy Lawn, All Year Long

It’s no secret that the fall and winter months take their toll on healthy lawns. Believe it or not, your lawn does not have to be doomed to being dry and brown all winter long. Our perfectly timed services ensure your lawn receives the proper nutrition that it needs all throughout the year. This includes:

  • Granular, slow-release fertilizers
  • Weed control and prevention
  • Disease control and prevention
  • Insect control
  • And more!

The McMaster Difference

At McMaster our team prides itself on going the extra mile to achieve great results for our clients. As a family business, we know that the safety of your loved ones comes first. We use some of the safest products and application methods so your family stays safe and your lawn looks great. We'll keep you informed of every service we've performed so you always know exactly what is going on in your lawn. 

You will be the envy of your neighbors when you let McMaster take care of your lawn’s needs! Interested in having the Port Orange Lawn you’ve been dreaming of? Get your free quote for lawn care in Port Orange here!