Lawn Fertilization

If you want the greenest lawn on the block, routine fertilization is essential in any central Florida lawn.  A properly fertilized, well-maintained lawn is naturally more resistant to pest problems resulting from chinch bugs, weed invasions, or lawn diseases.

Choosing a Fertilizer

Proper lawn fertilization is a science that establishes a balance between promoting leaf growth and a deep green color, and establishing strong roots that grow deep and are resistant to drought.  Your lawn requires different levels of several nutrients as the seasons change.  Nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium are used by your lawn differently, but are equally important to the lawn's overall health. 

As a result of Florida’s typically sandy soil structure and challenging pH levels, knowing not only when to fertilize, but with what type of fertilizer to use is essential.  This is why a combination of both slow release granular fertilizers and fast-acting soluble liquid fertilizers are the backbone to a successful lawn care fertility program in Florida.  

Fertilizer Application

Over- or under-application of fertilizer can be wasteful, ineffective and can burn your lawn.  Maintaining properly calibrated equipment and knowing how to correctly use it makes all the difference when applying the correct rate of fertilizer to your lawn.

While the majority of do-it-yourselfers can easily calibrate and maintain a granular broadcast spreader, owning and using a pump operated liquid sprayer is out of the question.  If you want you lawn looking its best all year-round, trust your local lawn care company to develop and implement a fertility program on your property today!

Request a Free Lawn Analysis

Take the guesswork out of planning and the hard work out of fertilizing your own lawn today.  Contact McMaster for a free lawn analysis and service estimate