Lawn Care Articles

Looking for tips and tricks to get a great looking lawn and a pest-free home? You can find them here! We post helpful tips for things you should be aware of in Central Florida and what you can do to prevent problems in your lawn and home. 

Harbour Village Quarterly Landscape Update

Current Events Sod installation on golf course Fresh flowers have been installed at entrances Granular turf fertilization of the entire property in October New tee markers, sand buckets, and sand trap rakes on golf...Read more
Harbour Village Hole 9 Before and After

Harbour Village mid-September Landscape Update

Announcement As of 8/17/15 McMaster Lawn and Pest Services has taken over the entire lawn maintenance and landscaping contract at Harbour Village. In order to correct a number of landscaping issues we have implemented...Read more

Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat

When temperatures are consistently in the 90’s and above your lawn can take a beating! In Ormond Beach and the rest of Central Florida it can be hard to keep your lawn looking it’s best during these hot summer months...Read more
Indoor ant control Palm Coast, FL

Ant Control Tips & Tricks

Seeing a trail of ants parade across your kitchen floor is never a welcome sight. Unfortunately, in Florida this sight is more common that we’d like. There are a few simple tricks you can use to help keep your home ant-...Read more