Fast Irrigation Repairs

When any one part of your sprinkler system fails, the rest of the system's performance is affected.  Your landscape can succumb quickly to the central Florida heat so you need to get a quick diagnosis of what needs repaired in your irrigation system.

Quick Fixes for Common Sprinkler System Problems

Does your sprinkler system keep running even when the timer is off?  Or maybe your sprinklers aren't coming on at all!  Depending on the exact problem with your irrigation system, the repairs needed will require the correct tools and parts to get your sprinklers back up and running properly.  

Troubleshooting Common Irrigation Problems

Your irrigation system is comprised of many different components which can fail due to a number of causes.  Whether that old sprinkler has served its duty for several years and has finally quit rotating or maybe a recent landscaping project has physically damaged an irrigation pipe or electrical component, you need to get the problem fixed and it needs to happen fast.

  • Sprinkler heads can fail due to a variety of reasons.  Natural wear and tear over the years can result in a sprinkler that no longer rotates properly.  Physical damage from a mower blade or edger are also common causes of sprinkler failures that warrant replacement.
  • The pipes that supply the water to your sprinklers rarely fail on their own, but an outside force such as a growing tree root could be enough to cause a main line break in your irrigation system.  Chances are if you see a small hole in your lawn with white sand in it, you've got a broken sprinkler pipe below!
  • The irrigation zone control valves are what turn the supply of water on and off and if one fails that zone will either stay running or never turn on.  The problem can be a part failure in the valve itself or a broken signal wire for that valve.
  • The irrigation timer is the main control center of your sprinkler system.  One of the most common causes of failure is caused by lightning or another electrical surge in the power supply.  If you aren't seeing anything on the display of your irrigation clock and it's otherwise unresponsive, you are probably due for a replacement timer.

Get Your Irrigation Repairs Fixed the Right Way

While replacing that broken sprinkler head isn't rocket science, there are some technical specifications to be considered.  And plus, do you have the correct assortment of nozzles to make sure that sprinkler is applying equal and even coverage in comparison to the other sprinklers in that zone?  

Not having each and every part can mean you make several trips to the hardware store when you attempt do it yourself sprinkler repair.  Who has time for that when you should be relaxing and enjoying your lawn and landscape on the weekends?

Irrigation timer replacement and valve troubleshooting can require specialized tools and unique parts. When dealing with electrical components of an irrigation system you need a trusted service provider with the correct equipment, a wide variety of parts in stock, and prompt response.

Get a Free Estimate

Don't settle for a sprinkler repairer who charges a service call fee just to come out and inspect your problem.  We openly provide free estimates for all irrigation repairs and will get your sprinklers back up and running in no time!