Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat

September 21, 2020 by
Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat
Brian McMaster

When temperatures are consistently in the 90’s and above your lawn can take a beating! In Central Florida it can be hard to keep your lawn looking it’s best during these hot summer months. However, with the right tools you can maintain a happy, healthy lawn!

Adjust Your Mowing Height

The heat and sun can dry out your lawn, so a longer blade height can help keep the moisture in. Raise your mowing height to around 4” during the peak of summer. Longer, thicker grass will help your lawn retain moisture longer. Also, make sure to sharpen the blades on your lawn mower. Sharp lawn mower blades will keep your grass from fraying at the ends. When your grass frays it is more likely to brown. 

Give Your Lawn the Water it Needs

Watering your yard properly is the most important thing you can do to maintain a thick, green lawn. Water in longer intervals during the summer to give your lawn the hydration it needs. During the summer months, it’s best to water early in the morning before the dew has evaporated. Watering early in the morning lets your lawn soak up the most water and doesn’t prolong a damp environment, which could lead to disease. 

Inspect Your Irrigation System

Watering at the correct time of day won’t help if your irrigation system needs repair. If your sprinkler heads aren’t calibrated or spaced correctly you can quickly lose shrubs or turf to the heat. Regular irrigation maintenance will help you keep your landscape in good health and keep your water bill down!
Help Your Lawn Beat the Summer Heat
Brian McMaster September 21, 2020
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