Lawn Care Services

Your lawn is the first thing you see when you drive home after a long day. Rest your weary eyes on your beautiful lawn and breathe a deep sigh of relief, because you are going to love your McMaster yard!

Seasonal Treatment Programs

Continuous Feeding & Protection

Maintaining your lawn in Florida is no easy task.  Due to insect pests such as Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms, Mole Crickets, Grubs and other lawn-damaging insects, it takes continuous monitoring and treatment in order to have a thick green lawn. Routine fertilization also ensures your lawn will have the food it needs to thrive. Proper nutrition and pest management means a thicker, greener lawn that naturally shades out weed infestations and requires less pesticide usage overall.

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Specialty Lawn Care Services

Lawn Diagnosis and Improvement

When it comes to lawn care, it's important to choose a lawn care company you can trust to provide everything your lawn needs and more!  In addition to our lawn care treatment plans, we also offer supplemental services to boost your lawn's potential. These one-time services are geared to help take your lawn to the next level and include cultural practices such as Core Aeration. 

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Annual Lawn Care Program

Benefits and Features

Fertilizer Application

Making the neighbors Green with Envy

Granular Fertilization

The backbone to any successful lawn care program includes granular fertilizer.  Key nutrients for your lawn's health, thickness, and color are applied in a slow-release granular form that allows for extended feeding several weeks after it's been applied to your lawn. 

Liquid Fertilization

Equally as important as granular fertilizer applications, liquid fertility treatments are needed to maintain a healthy, green lawn.  Your lawn will receive a custom blend of liquid nutrients and bio-stimulants that are rapidly absorbed by the turf.

Preventative Care

Controlling unwanted pests with safety in mind

Weed Control

The first line of defense against weeds is to stop them before they even start growing.  With scheduled applications throughout the year that prevent weed seeds from sprouting we can prevent many weeds before you even notice them.  For all existing weeds we apply targeted treatments without harming your lawn.

Turf Damaging Insect Control

Several types of insects pose a significant threat to your lawn and without control can leave it riddled with bare, brown areas.  Surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs or sod web worms feast on the grass blades while underground insects such as grubs and mole crickets feed on and disrupt the root system.  With our annual lawn care program, your lawn will get timely applications that keep these insects controlled.

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Specialty Lawn Care Services

Take your lawn to the next level

Lawn Disease Control

Supplement your basic lawn care program by adding guaranteed lawn disease control!

Core Aeration

Alleviate lawn compaction and help supply oxygen to the roots of your lawn!

Pet Friendly Pest Control

Add flea, tick, & ant control to a lawn care health program.