Irrigation Services

Proper irrigation maintenance is key to having a healthy green lawn and landscape.

Irrigation Maintenance Inspections

Routine Inspections and Adjustments

Chances are you rarely see your sprinkler system operating because it is programmed to run for the early morning hours. Anything can happen and sprinklers become misaligned, clogged with debris, or ran over.  Next thing you know, your lawn is toast.

Regular irrigation inspections are vital because there are so many moving parts to an irrigation system. Besides that, your entire landscape depends on its proper operation and it is likely the most neglected part of your entire landscape maintenance practice. Subscribe to our scheduled irrigation maintenance program today and rest assured your landscape will be inspected on a routine basis.

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Sprinkler Repairs and System Upgrades

Troubleshooting, Repairs, and Upgrades

Broken sprinkler? Is your irrigation system running when it's not supposed to? Let us take the guesswork out of getting your sprinklers fixed the right way.

Request a free, complete sprinkler system inspection performed by our experienced technicians and learn how you can save money on your water bill and improve the health of your landscape.

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Scheduled Irrigation Inspections

A healthy lawn depends on a properly operating sprinkler system.

All of our lawn sprinkler system maintenance checks include the following:

  • Test operation of all irrigation zone valves

  • Inspect, adjust, align and clean sprinkler heads

  • Check rain sensor operation

  • Sprinkler timer inspection and programming

Problem Prevention

Eliminate problems before they start.  Irrigation maintenance is a proactive service that can help you save water and your lawn!

Hassle Free

Our technicians are fully stocked with the tools and parts needed to fix your broken sprinklers. 

Routine Maintenance

Get piece of mind knowing that your landscape is receiving proper irrigation all year round!

Schedule Routine Sprinkler Inspections

Rest assured your irrigation system is operating smoothly with McMaster

Sprinkler Repair and Upgrade Services

Sprinkler Repair

Broken sprinkler? Busted pipe eroding your lawn? All of these are common sprinkler problems that can be quickly and easily repaired by our fully stocked and trained irrigation technicians.

System Efficiency

Proper system calibration is key to a healthy landscape. Prevent over- and under-watering of your landscape. Ask us about a free irrigation system audit today!

Request a Free Irrigation Inspection

Let McMaster take the hassle out of sprinkler repairs and upgrades