Ormond Beach Irrigation Schedule

A Guide to Water Restrictions and Irrigation Schedules in Ormond Beach
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Ormond Beach Irrigation Schedule
Brian McMaster

Are you trying to find what time to run your sprinklers or which days you can water your lawn in Ormond Beach?  Using this guide can help you understand what watering restrictions may be in place and help you determine the best time to water your lawn in Ormond Beach. 

If you are looking for more general guidelines on watering your lawn in any part of Central Florida, feel free to check out our guide on general irrigation scheduling for an up to date seasonal watering schedule recommendation.

What are my watering days in Ormond Beach?

Watering days in Ormond Beach are regulated by the St. Johns River Water Management District.  Which days you can water your lawn in Ormond depends on the time of year and the address of your home.  Check out the following breakdown for the days that you are allowed to irrigate your lawn.

Time of Year
Residential, Even addresses
Residential, Odd addresses
Eastern Standard Time
Daylight Savings Time
Thursday & Sunday
Wednesday & Saturday
Tuesday & Friday

It is important to note that these restrictions apply to all irrigation systems unless they are supplied by reclaimed water.  If you are an Ormond Beach resident with reclaimed water or are unsure if you have reclaimed water service, keep reading to learn more about reclaimed water schedules in Ormond Beach.

Where is reclaimed water available in Ormond Beach?

Here is a listing of all residential areas within Ormond Beach where reclaimed water is available:

  • North Peninsula (barrier island from Sandcastle Dr heading south to Granada)

  • South Peninsula (barrier island from Granada heading south to the city limit/Holly Hill)

  • Breakaway Trails subdivision

  • Hunter’s Ridge subdivision

  • Deer Creek, Briargate, and Forest Quest subdivisions

  • Mallards Reach

The following image shows areas highlighted in orange and blue, depicting areas that have reclaimed water service available.

The blue zone encompasses the subdivisions of Deer Creek, Briargate, Forest Quest, and the northern portion of Breakaway Trails.  The blue zone also includes Mallards Reach off Wilmette Ave and South Peninsula, an area on the barrier island extending south from Granada to Cardinal Dr.

The orange zone includes Hunter’s Ridge and the southern portion of Breakaway Trails.  Also included in the orange zone is the Pineland subdivision off of Airport Rd and the northern peninsula section starting at Granada and heading north up to Sandcastle Dr.

Reclaim water service areas in Ormond BeachImage provided by City of Ormond Beach

Reclaimed Water Schedule in Ormond Beach

While the local irrigation ordinance does not restrict scheduling windows for irrigation systems supplied with reclaimed water, the municipalities that supply the reclaimed water often impose their own restrictions.

The City of Ormond Beach controls the availability of reclaimed water by regulating the pressure supplied.  What does this mean for your irrigation programming? You must coordinate your irrigation systems schedule with the reclaimed water availability.  If you program your irrigation system to run when the city isn’t supplying water pressure, your lawn will not get irrigated.

If you’ve determined that you rely upon reclaimed water for irrigation, you must be aware of the following schedules to ensure your irrigation system has water supply when it is scheduled to run.

Ormond Beach Reclaim Watering Schedule
  Image provided by City of Ormond Beach

If your residence falls within the blue zone, you can water on Monday nights starting at 8PM until Tuesday morning at 10AM and again on Friday nights from 8PM until Saturday morning at 10AM.

Orange zone residences can water starting on Tuesdays nights at 8PM until Wednesday morning at 10AM and also Saturday nights at 8PM until Sunday mornings at 10AM.

Get on the right watering schedule

Having the right watering schedule for your lawn not only helps keep your lawn healthy, but also helps to ensure you are following local ordinances and watering restrictions in order to help preserve one of our most precious resources.

It’s also important to understand the different watering schedules you should follow if you have reclaimed water service in Ormond Beach or you risk your lawn not get irrigated at all.

At McMaster Lawn & Pest Services, our irrigation service technicians take away the worry of programming your irrigation system.  Whenever we perform irrigation maintenance services in Ormond Beach, our technicians make sure to program and verify your sprinklers are scheduled correctly so you don't have to!

Ormond Beach Irrigation Schedule
Brian McMaster January 23, 2023
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